Rosanna Arquette
Rita Mae Brown
Ted Danson
Dana Delany
Jane Fonda
Whoopi Goldberg
Charlton Heston
Andi Hicks
Gregory Hines
Mick LaSalle
Courtney Love
Shirley MacLaine
Monte Markham
Roddy McDowall
Hugh Munro Neely
Barry Paris
George Takei
Charlize Theron

Neile Adams
Allison Anders
Elizabeth Banke
Richard Banke
Jeanine Basinger
Elmer Bernstein
Nita Bieber
Larry Billman
Robert S. Birchard
Robert Boyle
Zoe Caldwell
Barry Chase
Gil Cates
Charles Champlin
Ted Danson
Dana Delany
Bo Derek
David Diamond
Bram Dijkstra
Joanne DiVito
Doris Eaton
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
Allegra Fuller
Ronald Genini
Eve Golden
Samuel Goldwyn, Jr.
Adolph Green
Fred Lawrence Guiles
Molly Haskell
Gregory Hines
Hal Holbrook
Celeste Holm
Eddie James
Alan Johnson
Michael Kidd
Janet Leigh
Florence Lessing
Glen Loney
Virginia Madsen
Leonard Maltin
George Marcy
Matt Mattox
Roddy McDowall
Harold and Lillian Michelson
James Mitchell
Sally Neal Julie Newmar
Anthony Quinn
Chita Rivera
Charles “Buddy” Rogers
Theresa Russell
George Sidney
David Stenn
Richard Sylbert
George Takei
Mark Vieira
Joseph M. Yranski

Documentary films are not mere lists of facts, or photographic records of reality. The best documentaries bring together the breadth of experience and knowledge of their creators in a compelling view of the motives that underlie observable events.

Our producers at Timeline Films bring experience in film history, music, theater, dance, art, screenwriting and psychology to stories of real people and real events to present them in a way that is evocative and entertaining. The meticulous research behind our distinguished productions satisfies cinema scholars, and at the same time introduces fresh audiences to the rich variety, high drama and exuberant lives of both classic and new subjects.

Timeline releases restored versions of classic silent films for the broadcast and home video markets. In conjunction with the Mary Pickford Institute of Film Education, we produce newly restored films on DVD and Blu-ray, with period-style tinting and toning and new musical scores composed specifically for each film.

Timeline producers have more than six decades of combined experience in documentary and entertainment film, theatrical presentation, public communication and academic research. Our consulting, editorial and production services can assist writers, directors and producers to get their projects done and done well.

Two Villages, a documentary about chain migration from a tiny mountain village in Slovakia to a small town in the northeastern United States.

Karie Bible’s Classic Movie Road Trip, a series exploring movie museums and film locations across America.

A documentary on Jack Cole, dancer and choreographer, acknowledged as the “Father of American Jazz Dance.”

DVD release of The Woman with the Hungry Eyes, Timeline’s documentary on film vamp Theda Bara, with DVD extras and A Fool There Was.

Re-release of The Olive Thomas Collection, with additional films from this actress.

More on WHAT’S NEW

Mary Pickford Special Editions: Poor Little Rich Girl, The Hoodlum, and Sparrows
Re-released Mary Pickford films have newly composed orchestral scores and period-style tinting, with optional live action “wraparounds” featuring five children discovering cool things about early filmmaking. For kids and grown-ups alike.

The Woman with the Hungry Eyes: The Life and Films of Theda Bara
Documentary on Theda Bara, the world’s first and foremost cinema “vamp,” with Dana Delany as the voice of Theda Bara. Narrated by Hugh Munro Neely. (100 minutes)

The Olive Thomas Collection Olive Thomas: Everybody’s Sweetheart
Olive Thomas, Hollywood‘s first “baby vamp.” Narrated by Roseanna Arquette. (88 minutes)

Masters of Production
Co-produced with KCET Los Angeles, documentary about the art of production design for the movies. Narrated by Monte Markham. (57 minutes)

Complicated Women
Turner Classic Movies documentary about actresses and their roles in pre-Code Hollywood (1929-1934). Based on the book by Mick LaSalle and narrated by Jane Fonda. (56 minutes)

Captured on Film: The True Story of Marion Davies
A documentary about the beautiful and talented actress remembered for all the wrong reasons. Narrated by Charlize Theron. (60 minutes)

Clara Bow: Discovering the “It” Girl
A documentary about the girl whose exuberance and joie de vivre defined a generation. Narrated by Courtney Love. (62 minutes)

The DeMille Dynasty
A documentary about Cecil B. DeMille, the most famous member of America's first family of the arts, includes his niece, choreographer Agnes de Mille. Narrated by Charlton Heston. (60 minutes)

Louise Brooks: Looking for Lulu
The story of one of the early screen's most sultry and smart performers. Written by Barry Paris and narrated by Shirley MacLaine. (60 minutes)

Mary Pickford: A Life on Film
A feature-length documentary about the woman who built Hollywood and became the world’s first superstar. Written by Rita Mae Brown; hosted and narrated by Whoopi Goldberg. (98 minutes)

Anytime’s the Time to Fall in Love
A 27-minute documentary on Charles “Buddy” Rogers, the multi-talented actor, musician, bandleader, all-around nice guy, and third (and last) husband of Mary Pickford.

Mary Pickford: a Star
An hour-long “autobiography” of Mary Pickford told through excerpts from her book Sunshine and Shadows, with clips from rare Pickford titles. Mary is “voiced” by Charlene Tilton.

Star Power
Documentary about the formation of United Artists in 1919 by Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin and D. W. Griffith. Narrated by Roddy McDowall.

Forever Wild
Three episodes of this fascinating series about the human drama behind three National Parks: Yosemite, the Grand Canyon and the Everglades. Narrated by Ted Danson.